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Shaun Babula, Professional Baseball player

Since I left Texas I've been long tossing every day. I haven't felt better in 2 years. 

I would like to share my story with your readers/clients/skeptics. I first experienced elbow pain during my Jr. season in college—the same time I really started hitting the weights hard. I didn't really know what I was doing, like most of your clients, as my workout consisted of bench press 3-4 days a week with a little back, legs, and arms mixed in every once in a while.


Now, let's fast forward to the offseason after my first year with the Baltimore Orioles organization. Coming off a good year in A ball, I wanted to make the AA team in the spring. My friend (Bob File, Toronto Blue Jays, who's out of baseball now because of chronic shoulder and back problems) and I decided to pay the head strength coach at Wichita State for an off-season workout program. 


Darren Dreifot of the Dodgers did the same workout and has always had arm trouble. It was pretty much 4 hours of heavy lifting. I felt great had a great spring training and made the AA team and had a very good HALF season. It only took 38 innings to hurt my elbow enough to end my season.

I did the same workout the following off-season went back to AA and blew my elbow out after 7 innings. I had Tommy John surgery then rehabbed with Phil Donely. Since I was a relief pitcher, my rehab consisted of 2-3 sets (i.e. 2-3 innings) of 20-30 reps (i.e. 20-30 pitches per inning) with lightweight and lots of stretching.


Instead of the average 12-month rehab, I returned in 9.5 months throwing harder than ever. After that season rehabbing in A ball, I went back to conventional weight training. It never occurred to me—because I was never taught—that you should train according to the sport you play. 


I thought my rehab was simply rehab, and I was now healed. I ended up with Houston that off-season with new goals and new people to impress. I trained harder and heavier. Again, I felt great going into spring training and won a spot on the AAA roster with Houston's organization. 


Needless to say, I had arm problems but it was the shoulder this time. After 16 days on the DL in AAA I was sent down to AA Round Rock. 16 days and the pain was gone and 3 innings later it was back. 

Not knowing that it was a torn labrum killing my shoulder causing me to throw 82mph I was willing to try anything to stop the pain, even this crazy witch doctor sounding dude Dave Matranga was telling me about.


Ken would work on my whole arm and back. One session would take away the pain for a day or two. For those who don't know what a torn labrum is, it's the worst thing that can happen to your arm along with a torn rotator cuff. The fact that Ken could relieve that pain is amazing to me.


And if I had the money, I would move to Round Rock or make it a point to spend a month there before every season just to have Ken work on me. And now, not yet fully recovered from my labrum surgery because of tightness and a little pain I flew down to Round Rock from Jersey to see Ken. 


Along with a pitcher, a specific workout working with Ken is now a necessity for me. The only problem is the 1500 mile trip.


Ken, I wish I had met you sooner in my career. However, I'm still very grateful we met even if it is under these circumstances. Everyone has few people they consider themselves lucky to know. Your one of those guys. Thanks for everything.  

Shaun Babula 

Lisa DePaulo, Professional Golfer

After I finished my Rookie year on the LPGA in 2000, my hip was a mess. I could hardly turn through the ball on follow through and walking 18 holes was a real chore. Walking 4 rounds in a row was getting to be nearly impossible and my golf career was looking bleak.


Getting out of a car and trying to stand up from sitting brought on my greatest pain! I worked for a year with a sports trainer on strengthening my hips, abs, and whatever else I needed to strengthen and nothing was working.


Finally, I was desperate and saw an Orthopedist who promised he could fix me with an injection of cortisone. That was the most painful shot of my life, I was wired for the next 24 hours, followed by pain, and then two whole weeks of relief.


Then the pain came back and I was really down in the dumps and didn't know what to do. I saw Ken a couple of years before but he moved across town and it seemed like too much of an inconvenience to drive 45 minutes vs. the 30 minutes I used to drive.


He looked me over, put a huge ice pack on my back, and took a block of ice, and proceeded to "Ice massage" my hip. Now, there was absolutely nothing pleasant about this process.


After surviving the Ice massage, and my backside clearly frozen, he stuck his fingers, hand, elbow, and god knows what else in my hip, back, and I am not sure where else, as I think I was ready to pass out!


At one point he got me up on my side and had his thumb or something stuck so far in me that I really didn't know whether to cry, throw up or pass out! It hurt so bad...and Ken would just look at me and say, "You are going to feel so much better you won't believe it! Trust me!"

Well, how can you look at Ken and not trust him? So, I believed, did what he said, endured the pain, and of course, drank about 10 gallons of water the next 48 hours and he was right. I was sore for about two days but the real deep pain was gone!


I could sit down and get up and not limp for the first 10 steps! A couple of days later I realized I could drive into town and no pain! Then the real test came, playing a round of golf. I played and the next day no pain again! I couldn't believe it, and I was ecstatic.


Then I played three days in a row...and no pain again! I had spent almost a full year and easily $2,000, and Ken fixes me in one hour and all it cost was $55 and a bunch of pain for one hour to cure my pain for almost two years now.


I can't believe how great he is and I am so thankful that he gave me my quality of life back and more importantly my golf game back! I have won two tournaments and finished second so far in the last 10 months and I believe I still have some competitive golf left in me thanks to Ken!

Lisa DePaulo

Lily Swann, Gymnast

My name's Lily, and I'm a level 10 gymnast at AcroTex Gymnastics in Georgetown, Texas. I have been training gymnastics since I was 6 years old, and in my ten years of experience, I know one thing is for sure: you're gonna hurt.


The older you get the more you hurt. As my coaches say, there's no sport that's harder on your body and your mind, it's also the sport that takes the most amount of talent.

Without Ken, I surely would not have achieved all the goals that I wanted to reach this season that I trained 25 hours a week for. My back had been hurting me for about two years off and on (but mostly on), and nothing seemed to be making it better.


The number of times I went to the doctor, I couldn't say because I lost count. I also attended physical therapy regularly and had to stay off a lot of my skills in gymnastics.


I couldn't compete in my meets.  Although the therapy helped, it was nothing compared to what Ken did. Three trips to Ken made my back feel great! (Well not during the massage, but after it.)  During the massage, it hurts, but it's well worth the hour's pain.


I was able to get back to doing my skills and even qualified for the Junior Olympic National Championships. Now, about 3 months later, my back is still feeling better than ever! I can do all my gymnastics skills without pain. It's amazing! 

But then right before my national championships, I sprained my foot pretty badly. My mom was determined that I could absolutely NOT compete. It was extremely swollen and very off-color.


The doctors were sure I had broken it; luckily I hadn't, but they thought it absolutely impossible for me to compete at nationals. I was still determined to compete and didn't want to give up with one doctor's opinion. 


So—my mom took me to another doctor—a bad idea. The doctor told me that my foot was severely injured and that I needed to get a cast immediately and keep the cast on for 4 weeks.


I didn't like this at all! I called up my coach and asked him what I should do. He said that it was just one doctor's opinion, maybe another doctor more specialized in feet would be better to look at it.


So, I thankfully left the building castless, leaving my mother extremely fretful. She didn't know what to do. She called her friend Ana and asked her what she thought because she is a nurse. Ana thought that my mother did the right thing not to cast it, and suggested we go back to Ken.

We hadn't realized he could help with healing sprains, too. Later on, I hobbled into Ken's office with the boot that the first doctor had given me on my foot. Just a little over an hour of working on me, I got up, and could not only walk on it with no pain, but I could jump on it with no pain! It was amazing! It even looked better!


I went one more time the week of my national championships, and he made it feel even better. I was able to compete! I was ecstatic! Two days later, I was on the plane for Orlando, Florida for the national championships! I had a wonderful time at Orlando, and I owe it all to Ken! Thanks Ken for making all my dreams a reality! 

Lily Swann 

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