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Whether you’ve been living with chronic and nagging pain for years or if you’ve recently had an injury, our licensed massage therapists will find and fix the root cause of your pain – for good. Let's get you healed.


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When you’re in pain or you’re injured, you find yourself suffering through your everyday activities. Pain interferes with your entire life, keeping you from doing the things you want and need to do.

At this point, you have yet to find something that completely eliminates your pain, and you’re skeptical that you ever will. Many people feel like healing is unattainable.

In fact, tons of people spend thousands of dollars, years in pain, and never find a solution that actually fixes the root problem. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ready to say goodbye to your chronic pain and injuries?

The team at Therapy Central is here to give you your life back and to help you heal, for good.

We’ve been in business for over 25 years. Nearly all of our clients have come to us because we’ve helped someone they know. And it’s likely you’ve ended up here for that same reason.

Our bodywork method is unique. We were coined with the phrase “It hurts… but it works.” And we stand by it because it really does work.

If you’re fed up with your pain and serious about finding a solution, you’re in the right place.

Real people. Real results. Hear what our clients are saying

I had given up on a solution and was beginning to think this would become a chronic issue. I have had lower back problems for about a year. I went to several chiropractors and I had given up on a solution and was beginning to think this would become a chronic issue. Yesterday, I went to therapy Central and I was cured.  I still can't believe it! I will recommend to anyone I know that has any sort of body aches or problems. Their method is quite unique and different from anything I've tried before and it's 100% natural and that's what I'm all about.


-Candice Le

Only the most effective treatment

We are massage therapists. But we don’t burn candles, play music, or dim the lights.


We use a combination of myofascial release, ischemic pressure, and deep tissue massage through targeted ranges of motion of the problem areas being treated. 


This type of treatment has been developed, practiced, and proven to get results over the last 25+ years by our founder, Ken Moench. It's known to many as the Moench Method. Our method eliminates your pain in the least amount of time possible.

Today I am a believer, not just in Ken, but the Moench Method. Ken Moench has been taking care of my random aches and pains for nearly 25 years. Today I had my first visit with someone trained by Ken, but NOT Ken. I fell and injured myself a couple weeks ago and have been having back and neck issues every since. Becky Taccetta treated me today and was fantastic. She has mastered the technique. Which just goes to show ya, the technique WORKS and other people can master it! Today I am a believer, not just in Ken, but the Moench Method. Thanks Becky!


-Jackie James

Your pain isn’t the problem. Pain is simply the message your body sends when something deeper is wrong. Your pain won’t go away until something is done to fix the root cause.

Instead of temporary fixes like pain medications, anti-inflammatories, steroid injections, or putting you through weeks (sometimes months, even years) of physical therapy, we identify, address and eliminate your most fundamental problems.

Spent thousands of $$ down the drain. Then a miracle happened. It actually hurts, but he made the pain go away. I tried pain management for degenerative discs pain for 2 years with no results or help and was on so many painkillers, nerve blocks, etc. I literally don't remember two months of my life. Spent thousands of $$ down the drain. Then a miracle happened. Nancy introduced me to Ken. Within a visit or two, the pain had gone away. Ken is an angel sent from heaven with the power to heal. It's not easy. It actually hurts, but he made the pain go away and I will forever be grateful.


-Veronica Keaton-Barker

What we do that actually gets you results

The Moench Method focuses entirely on the tissue that holds your body together: your fascia or soft tissue.

When you injure a muscle, it contracts or shrinks so that you can't and won't move it so that the muscle can heal. It's what we like to call: "mother nature's cast".

Without treatment, your muscle heals shorter and more contracted than it was before you got hurt. This takes away your normal range of motion. And you're not able to use that muscle the same way you once could before.


What we do is lengthen your fascia (or soft tissue) so that your muscles can take its original shape. This stops your muscles from painfully pulling at any of its attachments.

At the end of this process, your muscles and fascia are lengthened - which gives you back full range of motion, proper blood supply, and lymphatic drainage to your problem areas that have been worked on.

We were coined with the phrase "It hurts... but it works!" for a reason

Our clients are usually sore for 2-3 days afterward and sometimes may even sport some really cool looking bruises.

Western medicine often forgets that the body is the healer and has almost an unlimited capacity to heal itself if the structural integrity, blood flow, and circulation are restored. That is what we do. We eliminate pain by bringing balance back to your body’s integrity.

For those anxious about going to get help... Don't wait like I did... "Just Do It!" I had badly pinched nerve going from lower back down right leg. I went to see Ken. Once again, the Miracle Man went to work. Yea it hurt... But it works! And once again I can walk free of pain. Thanks Ken for devoting your life to study and work that benefits and heals others. For those anxious about going to get help... Don't wait like I did..."Just Do It!"


-Bob Bessett

Let's get you healed. 

Book your appointment at one of our locations: Round Rock or Westlake. You can book online or give us a call at (512) 244-6241. 

Hear from our clients how we've changed their lives

We've helped heal over 20,000 people with our method over the last 25 years. Here's what they have to say:

Our business has been built almost entirely by word of mouth referrals. We have clients who have traveled from all over the world for treatment. 


We've helped people from all walks of life, from top athletes (Aaron Judge from the New York Yankees, collegiate powerlifters, former NFL Lineman Benton Reed) to newborn babies to people who have been struggling with chronic pain for tens of years.

There’s one universal truth we hear consistently from our new clients - time and time again. They wish they would have found us sooner.

I've witnessed first hand and second hand that the good people at Therapy Central can perform miracles. I personally can testify that the therapy done here is something that can change the way your body feels and operates. Not only do they release your muscle pain, and get your blood flowing right again, they educate you on what you should be doing to help your body operate more efficiently. If you have any body pain whatsoever you should make yourself an appointment.

-Skylar  N.

If I would have gone to him before I tried so many other therapists I would have said so much money! I have been going to see Ken and his therapists since 2001. There was a time I was in such bad pain and spent thousands of dollars going to different specialists with no avail. I was on a search to ease my pain since my pain was so bad. A friend recommended Ken and after just 1 session with him, I was able to walk without help. I needed assistance before then. It took a total of 3 visits after that to be back to my pain-free self. If I would have gone to him before I tried so many other therapists I would have saved myself so much money! 

-Estephania L.

I will be eternally grateful for Ken "fixing" my little girl!  Every time I go, the pain is cured in one visit! I have seen him for knee pain, tennis elbow, sciatic pain, tight shoulder, etc. I'm amazed at his knowledge of how the body functions and how manipulating the muscles gets rid of the pain for good! The best success story in our family is my daughter. She started seeing Ken when she was 3. She was born with torticollis of the neck. We had been to several specialists, physical therapists, etc. We started taking her to see Ken and he worked on her neck. I will be eternally grateful for Ken "fixing" my little girl. Don't try to "work it out" on your own. It's so worth it to go to the great folks at Therapy Central to work out YOUR pain!!


-Anna M.

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We have two locations: Round Rock & Westlake. You can book online or give us a call at (512) 244-6241. 

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  • Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule, a 36-hour notice is appreciated. A 24-hour notice is required to avoid being charged for the session.

  • Late: If you must be late, your session will end at the scheduled time and full payment for the entire time reserved is required. Clients are booked back to back and it is important that we stay on schedule.

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